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If you are new, without using too heavy loads. tractions Traction is a classic strength training exercise to body weight, that is to say, Blackcore Edge Max it is to lift its own weight to the force of arms and back. Suspended with hands at a fixed height bar (door frame, wall), the goal is to raise your body until your chin (or neck) reaches the height of the bar. This pulling motion seeking many back muscles and arms (biceps) and strengthens. At the back, pulls it possible to work the latissimus dorsi and teres major and trapezius muscles and rhomboids (upper back). Depending on the position of the hands on the bar (pronation or supination taken) and their spacing, different variations of the pulling movements help to diversify the muscular work. The pulling motion asks a lot of work back muscles, in fact, to keep their suppleness and tone, make some backbone stretching regularly during the completion of this exercise and at the end.


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